FLX Virgo PC

Antipode Studio
12 degree split TKL
2.1 kg
Typing angle
Mounting style
Grommet mounting
Designed by


Note that this is a pre-order. Estimated shipping is July 2023

  • 12-degree Split TKL
  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Custom PCB: VIA, Vial and QMK compatible with USB-C daughterboard
  • Top, and bottom made from polycarbonate
  • Comes with a PC plate for PC board, with additional plate options in Brass, Pc, POM, FR4 and CF.
  • Grommet mounting isolates plate from chassis
  • Brass weight with multicolored PVD finish
  • Comes with a custom carrying case that fits the board, extra plates, PCBs, and the optional wrist rest.
  • Uses AKB-Feet
  • Optional if you want brass inserts or not

What are brass inserts?
These are small threaded brass plugs that are fitted into the top case. This will prevent screw threads from wearing out after multiple reassemblies and make the case much more resilient to cracking from over-tightening the case screws. If you don't have a strong aesthetic preference for not using inserts, we recommend choosing the variant with the brass inserts.

NOTE 1 PER CUSTOMER. Any attempts to order more will lead to cancelled orders.